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Supermat Intl. was founded in 2003 by Dr. V.M.Kobryanskii, an expert in the field of conjugated materials and nano-composites with low concentration of defects. He currently serves as the company President.

In 1989 Dr. Kobryanskii synthesized 3D coherently ordered nano-composite of polyacetylene (nanopolyacetylene), which exhibits an extremely high stability and unrivalled optical and electronic properties (see Nanopolyacetylene background overview for more details). Then, it was shown, that some other conjugated polymers and carbon nanotubes can also form 3D coherently ordered nano-gels and nano-composites with excepional optical and electronic properties. Further research has shown that these materials have a potential to generate a very wide array of applications in optoelectronics, information security and various other fields.

Supermat Intl. was proceeded to exploit the commercial potential of these materials.

Now Supermat Intl. is a world leader in elaboration of highly ordered conjugated polymers and nano-composites with low concentration of defects for optoelectronics.

We elaborate and produce:

1. highly ordered and 3D coherently ordered conjugated polymers;

2. high purity (special cleaning) carbon nanotubes;

3. 3D coherently ordered nano-gels and nano-composites of some big conjugated molecules, conjugated polymers and carbon nanotubes in different matrixes.

The term 3D coherently ordered conjugated system means system with 3D electronic and vibrational coherence between conjugated molecules, macromolecules and nanoparticles. The good example of system with 3D electronic and vibrational coherence is a green plants, where coherent interaction between molecules of chlorophyll is highly effective.


We are sure that the root cause of the 2008 Global Economic Crisis is the Global Energy Crisis. Humankind uses huge amounts of oil, gas and electricity and makes it with awfully low efficiency. However, the world’s mineral energy sources are very limited. Thus, the evolution, which is based on mineral energy sources and the heat engines, is the way to nowhere.
There is only one solution of energy-source and transportation problems of future. The key to this solution is the development of high-efficiency (> 40%) organic solar cells for conversion of solar energy to electrical and chemical energy without pollution and losses and development of high-temperature organic superconductors for elaboration of new generation of engines and energy transport without pollution and losses.
Substances for discovery of high-efficiency organic solar cells and high-temperature organic superconductors are well known. These are big conjugated molecules, conjugated polymers and carbon materials.
Unfortunately, electronic structure and chemical reactivity of conjugated and carbon materials are highly sensitive to chemical, conformational and supra-molecular defects. Defects destroy electronic structure and properties of these materials. Therefore, classical methods of chemical synthesis and solid state formation don’t allow elaboration of conjugated and carbon materials, which could be suitable for application.
The best way to develop big conjugated molecules, conjugated polymers and carbon materials with very low concentration of defects is through the methods similar to replication in bio-chemistry, such as matrix synthesis and self organization in gels.
Supermat Intl. has developed a whole row of 3D ordered conjugated materials and their nano-composites with vey low concentration of defects. These are unique thermodynamic systems with coherent interaction between macromolecules and nano-particles. They possess outstanding chemical, physical and opto-electronic properties not observed in low ordered conjugated materials and have highest potential for application in high-tech industry.
3D coherently ordered conjugated materials with very low concentration of defects can be used for development of:
1) high-temperature superconductors;
2) high efficiency solar cells for electricity production and hydrogen generation;
3) ultra bright and highly stable polymeric OLED;
4) super-strong carbon nanotubes / elastomer composites;
5) high efficiency materials and devices for telecommunication;

e-mail: SUPERMAT@nanopolyacetylene.com