Macroscopic quantum phenomena in 3D ordered conjugated systems.
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3D ordered conjugated polymers, carbon nanotubes and some other big conjugated molecules, which contain very low concentration chemical and conformational defects, in gels, composites and crystalline phase can transfer from normal state to macroscopic quantum state (MQS) with formation of one big quantum-mechanical wave. The temperature of phase transition to MQS depends on mutual orientation of molecules in condensed phase, their polarizability and concentration.
Macroscopic quantum state of 3D ordered conjugated materials characterized by intra and inter-molecular vibrational coherence, and macroscopic p-electron delocalization. It possesses macroscopic coherent properties in ground state, vibrationally excited state and electronically excited state.

We suppose that De Broglie's and Frohlich's ideas, Bose-Einstein statistics and non-Boltzmann (Tsallis) thermodynamics should be used in order to describe macroscopic quantum properties of 3D ordered conjugated systems.

Experimental (for nanopolyacetylene)

It was shown that cooling of gel of NPA leads to second-order phase transition with formation macroscopic quantum state. This state characterized by macroscopic three-dimensional coherent order between nanoparticles

Macroscopic quantum state of NPA possesses:
1. Macroscopic inter-molecular p-electron delocalization;
2. Macroscopic migration of electronic and vibrational excitations without energy losses;
3. Macroscopic quantum:
- Reflection;
- Diffraction;
- Refraction;
- Interference.
Besides it demonstrates:
4. Abnormally high cross section of Raman scattering;
5. Absence of frequency dependence of Reyleigh scattering;
6. Abnormally high cross section of X-ray scattering.

Generation of coherent phonons

3D coherently ordered nano-gels and nano-composites of NPA and carbon nanotubes are characterized by abnormally strong electron-phonon coupling.

With photon energy above the energy of electronic excitation, impulsive laser excitation leads to generation of coherent phonons in NPA.

With photon energy below the band gap, both impulsive and continuous wave laser excitation leads to generation of coherent phonons in NPA .