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Letter (Sent on June 18, 1997) Raman spectrum (Sent on June 18, 1997)
Letter from ANDOR Technology Raman spectrum of nanopolyacetylene (Excitation 875 nm)

"I found the Raman Scattering Properties of your Sample very interesting and I would be interested in obtaining any spectra for you in the future. Also I might be interested in puchasing some PA-PVB, please send prices, Please keep in touch.

Yours sincerely
Andrew Dennis".

Letter (Sent on May 29, 1997) Raman spectrum (Sent on May 29, 1997)
Letter from JOBIN YVON-SPEX Raman spectrum of nanopolyacetylene 
(Excitation 632 nm)

"We have been interested by the presentation of your problem and have worked on the sample which you joined to your document.
Herewith you will find copy of its spectrum recorded in the Visible range with a HE NE laser and which shows very interesting features non present in the FT Raman spectrum you communicated us. This Visible spectrum could demonstrate that certainly an easier system working in the Visible range is a possible solution and we are prepared for discussing a little futher how we could collabotate and make you use some of our new Raman equipments which are possibly suitable for this specific application.
Waiting for your comments

Sincerely Yours


3)Professor H.G.M. Edwards
Letter (Sent on May 7, 1997) Raman spectrum (Sent on May 7, 1997)
Letter from Prof. H.G.M.Edvards Raman spectrum of nanopolyacetylene 
from Prof. H.G.M.Edvards (Excitation 1064 nm)

"You are to be complimented on the production of a very clean sample; copies of our preliminary spectra are enclosed for your retention. I am very interested in collaborating with yourself on the Raman spectroscopy of this material. Our equipment is a Bruker IFS/FRA 106 Raman spectrometer with attached dedicated microscope and remote sensing probe facility. We have recently constructed a unique enviromental chamber (copy of paper attached) for examination of Raman spectra of sample (in situ), which can be exposed to temperature, humidity, atmospheric composition and UV radiation change.

Best wishes,

Yours sincerely,

Professor H.G.M.Edvards"

4)Professor Richard L. McCreery
E-mails (Sent on summer 1997) Raman spectrum (Sent on summer 1997)
E-mails from Prof. R.L. McCreery Raman spectrum of nanopolyacetylene 
from Prof. R.L.McCreery (Excitation 1064 nm)

"In the past month, some coworkers of Art Epspein have been acquiring Raman spectra of polyaniline derivatives, which may be of interest. So far, spectra from your sample are much more intense.

I hope your stay in America was enjoyable and productive.

Richard L. McCreery"

5)Professor Bernhard Schrader
Letter (Sent on November 7, 1997) Letter (Sent on March 1998)
Letter from Prof. Bernhard Schrader Letter from Prof. Bernhard Schrader

"I alredy recomended to you to give your product a name and price, I shall be happy to recomend it in my publications and lectures. I shall also order some of your samples.

Hoping the best for you,I am
yours sincerely

Bernhard Schrader"

(Comments: Professor Schrader named nanopolyacetylene "Black Magic")

Problems with Business

1)JASCO Corporation

Letter to JASCO Raman scattering spectra of NPA
Letter to JASCO Raman scattering spectra of NPA

Dear Sir/Madam I would appreciate very much if you inform us where you take the samples of nanopolyacetylene. It is possible that they were stolen.