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Kobryanskii Valerii
Valerii M. Kobryanskii, Ph.D - 1975, Dr. of Sci. - 1993

Over the course of 30 years or research, different types of organic semiconductors and conjugated polymers were synthesized and studied by Dr. Kobryanskii. It was shown that their stability and functional characteristics exhibit extreme dependency on the content of molecular and supramolecular defects. If one can synthesize conjugated polymer with low content of defects, one can obtain material with unique electro-physical and optical properties. New development processes were proposed for the following materials:
- new type of catalysts for acetylene polymerization, based on binuclear rhenium complexes;
- highly ordered and highly stable polyacetylene composites;
- highly oriented polyphenylene films developed through vacuum deposition;
- high-molecular-mass polyphenylene films (chain lengths exceeding 100 phenyl rings);
- water-soluble doped polyaniline;
- films of high-crystalline C60 fullerene;
- highly ordered composites of carbon nanotubes.

Research interests and current research activity in the field of conjugated monomers and polymers

1. Synthesis of conjugated polymers with low content of defects. Mechanism of polymerization of acetylene monomers. Mechanism of defect formation in conjugated polymers and carbon materials.
2. Electronic structure and optical properties of conjugated polymers and carbon nanotubes. Photo- and Electro-luminescence. Raman scattering. Non-linear optical properties.
3. Preparation of highly ordered and highly oriented films and plates.
4. Preparation of highly ordered nano-gels and nano-composites.
5. Self-organization of nanoparticles and vibrational coherence in nano-gels and nano-composites.
6. Application of highly ordered conjugated polymers and carbon nanotubes.

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Education and Work Experience

Ph.D. - in Polymer Chemistry, 1975
Dr. of Sci. - in Polymer Chemistry, 1993
Chief of Laboratory of Conductive Polymeric Materials, 1995
President of Supermat Intl., 2006

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